Funeral Home Ethics in Indiana – What IFDA Says About Caring for the Deceased

Funeral home ethics are of supreme importance in Indiana and wherever families experience loss. As we noted in another recent post, at Stillinger Family Funeral Home we take funeral home ethics very seriously. And as a member of IFDA, the Indiana Funeral Directors Association, we’re proud the IFDA’s Code of Ethics focuses on many critical areas, including caring for the deceased. Here’s what IFDA say about funeral home ethics and care of the decedent:

What is the IFDA Code of Ethics?

The IFDA Code of Ethics sets forth obligations for funeral professionals. It is binding upon IFDA members; and violations may result in disciplinary actions. Every member funeral home and funeral professional is duty-bound to adhere to the Code of Ethics’ requirements. According to the IFDA, this is for the protection of families, decedents, the profession, communities and the IFDA.

Care of the Decedent

When someone passes away, they still retain rights to dignified, respectful and professional care by the funeral professional. According to the Code of Ethics, IFDA members “have an ethical obligation to care for each deceased person with the highest respect and dignity, and to transport, prepare and shelter the remains in a professional, caring and conscientious manner.” Among the principles within the “Care of the Decedent” portion of the code are these:

  • All deceased persons shall be treated with proper care and dignity during transfer from the place of death and subsequent transportation of the remains.
  • Only authorized personnel of the funeral home or those persons authorized by the family shall be in attendance during the preparation of the remains.
  • Members shall only allow embalmers, funeral directors, funeral director interns, and authorized students, who are licensed to the extent required by state law, to embalm human remains.
  • All deceased persons in the preparation room shall be treated with proper care and dignity and shall be properly covered.
  • Members shall not violate any statute, ordinance, or regulation affecting the handling, custody, care, transportation or disposition of human remains.

Dignity, respect and professionalism are hallmarks of our business at Stillinger Family Funeral Home. We honor and abide by these ethical standards every time we provide preparation and care for the deceased. And we share a keen commitment to funeral home ethics with the IFDA, as exemplified by our longstanding membership. To learn more, contact us at (317) 462-5536.

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