Are Obituaries Still Important? Yes, and Here’s Why:

In this world of instant (and constant) communication and social connections, news travels fast; so, naturally this begs the question: Are obituaries still important? After all, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, we very quickly learn when someone in our extended circle of friends has passed away. So, why does having a detailed obituary really matter? Actually, there are several reasons…

Obituaries Set the Record Straight

Information travels fast in our society these days, but so does misinformation. Rumor and untruths become believed as fact via repeated social sharing. Well-intended attempts to quickly share the news of a death can lead to misunderstandings that, sadly, can become part of the deceased’s legacy. An obituary, on the other hand, typically prepared by the family and the funeral director working together, provides more accurate information. The accurate obituary can be shared via social media, too, of course, often by linking to the information on the funeral home’s website.

Obituaries Provide Essential Information Regarding Services

Obituaries written, published, and shared shortly after the passing but before services are held, often include information about those services. This provides official notice to friends and family about the date, time, and location of the memorial services. The obituary can also let mourners know of special requests for memorial contributions to the departed’s favorite charities or other organizations.

Obituaries Provide Deeper Insights About the Deceased

Obituaries aren’t always just a presentation of facts and relationships. They can also be a public platform to share the family’s insights into what made their loved one so special. Hobbies, interests, talents, matters of faith, and other little-known details can often be shared in the obituary in a way that brings the life of the deceased into clearer focus.

Obituaries Can Inform Future Generations

Genealogy is a growing interest for many families. While DNA ancestry tests make it possible to determine your biological heritage, obituaries and other official death records provide essential details for those researching family histories and kinships. Many a documented family tree would be missing most of their branches were it not for obituaries connecting generations.

At Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield, Indiana, we know that the answer to the question, Are obituaries still important? is a resounding “Yes!” even in this era of easy connections and communication. We take our role in preparing obituaries very seriously because we know the importance of sharing accurate information – not just for friends and family of the deceased, but also for future generations.

To learn more about the services we provide at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, contact us today at (317) 462-5536.

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