Answering Your Questions: What Type of Sympathy Flowers Should I Send?

It’s a common question we hear at Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield, Indiana: “What type of sympathy flowers should I send?” First, it helps to understand the common types of funeral flowers, as these include a variety of sizes, types, designs and price ranges. Next, we recommend considering your relationship to the deceased or to the deceased’s family. Here are some practical rules of thumb to help you determine what type of sympathy flowers to send:

Sympathy Flowers for a Close Friend or Family Member

Generally speaking, the closer you were to the deceased or to the family of the deceased, it is appropriate to choose a larger and/or more expensive sympathy flower arrangement. These can include a large memorial arrangement, a standing spray, or perhaps a lovely wreath or cross. Basket arrangements can be a heartfelt remembrance for the family, as can a flowering plant or a vase arrangement of fresh flowers. If you know the favorite type of flower of the deceased, tell your florist, as this can add a special measure of tribute and condolence.

Sympathy Flowers for an Acquaintance

If you are sending funeral sympathy flowers for an acquaintance who was not necessarily a close friend, consider choosing a smaller arrangement, perhaps a basket arrangement, dish garden or planter, or even a flowering plant or a fresh flower vase arrangement.

Sympathy Flowers for a Co-worker

When sending sympathy flowers for a co-worker, it is often appropriate for the company to send a standing spray or larger funeral arrangement. Otherwise, if you are sending flowers as a personal expression of sympathy to the family of someone you worked with, consider choosing a basket arrangement, a flowering plant, or a vase arrangement.

Sympathy Flowers for Your Spouse or Partner

If you are grieving the loss of your spouse or partner, it is normally appropriate to signify your love and sense of loss with larger and more intimate arrangements. For example, you might choose a large casket spray, perhaps with an inside casket piece for an open casket viewing. You could also choose a large standing spray to be placed next to the casket. Or you could opt for a heart-shaped wreath or cross arrangement. In any case, be sure to include your spouse or partner’s favorite flowers in the arrangement.

When choosing what type of sympathy flowers to send for display at the funeral home, always consider where the flowers will likely end up after the services are concluded. If they will simply be left on the gravesite, fresh flowers are appropriate. If the sympathy flowers will end up in an apartment without natural light or in a home with curious pets, however, choose a silk arrangement.

Obviously, your florist can be a great resource to answer any questions you may have. Or you can contact us here at Stillinger Family Funeral Home at (317) 462-5536. We’re always here to help.

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