Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry: A Uniquely Personal Memento of Your Loved One

A fingerprint is one-of-a-kind, and so was your loved one; that’s why Stillinger Family Funeral Home offers Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry keepsakes from Meadow Hill Corporation. Of course, we understand that no memento could ever truly replace your departed friend or family member, but we have found that Thumbies fingerprint jewelry soon becomes a comforting treasure symbolizing your timeless devotion.

Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry Available at Stillinger Family Funeral Home

ThumbiesTM are finely detailed and engraved memorial jewelry keepsakes created by Meadow Hill Corporation in Woodstock, Illinois. They are personalized mementos typically imprinted with a fingerprint or thumbprint of your loved one. In the case of an infant, a handprint or footprint could also be used.

Thumbies Fingerprint Jewelry can take many forms, from simple oval charms to heart pendants to signet rings to money clips and more. Thumbies medallions can even be embedded into keepsake wooden urns where small life mementos of your loved one can be kept. Depending on the Thumbies keepsake you choose, you could select from sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or a Noble Bronze finish. Regardless of your choice, your Thumbies will almost certainly be a treasure for generations to come.

How Are Thumbies Made?

Crafted from a high-resolution two-dimensional scanned print provided by us at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, the artisans at Meadow Hill use special technology along with the old-world skills of wax casting, engraving and polishing to turn that scan into your three-dimensional keepsake. To make sure you have ample opportunity to select a Thumbie in the future if you would like, we keep the print in our secure database indefinitely.

Keepsakes from Stillinger Family Funeral Home

Thumbies are just one type of memorial memento we offer. From personalized cremation urns to cremation jewelry (including real diamonds fashioned from cremains) to Buddies paw prints that memorialize your pet, we can help you select a lasting keepsake to help you honor your loved one. To learn more, contact us at (317) 462-5536.

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