Choosing a Cemetery Plot

Choosing a cemetery plot might seem simple enough, but there can be many factors to consider. Simply put, a cemetery plot – for those who choose burial or internment of their cremated remains – is both a final resting place and a final piece of earthly real estate. So, it helps to approach choosing a cemetery plot as you would any time you buy a plot of land. Let’s look at some of the considerations:

Location, location, location

When choosing a cemetery plot to be your final resting place, it is wise to choose a location you find pleasing beforehand. Is it peaceful and serene? Is it the kind of place where you’d enjoy spending time on a quiet day?

And is the cemetery located close to family and friends so they would be more likely to visit? Is the cemetery easy to find? Is the actual gravesite within the cemetery easy to locate?

And what about the future? Is the cemetery isolated enough to guard against unpleasant changes or growth in surrounding neighborhoods?

The Rules

Cemeteries have rules governing what is allowed and restricted for individual gravesites. For example, some cemeteries do not permit graveside flowers or decorations. Some may restrict visiting hours. Others may be gated and closed during certain times of the year. Some may restrict certain types or sizes of grave markers. Before choosing a cemetery plot, make sure you understand all the rules and restrictions.

Room for Family

Think about the future when choosing a cemetery plot. In particular, think about your family and the need for additional burial plots near your own. Many times, it is possible to purchase a “family plot” providing extra space set aside for your future family needs. Other times, you would need to purchase additional plots at once to ensure proximity to family members in the future.


Finally, consider the costs involved. Visit several cemeteries and compare not only the cost of a burial plot, but also any associated fees and maintenance costs. Make sure you understand these expenses as well as how restrictions regarding burial vaults, grave markers, and a burial permit affect the total costs.

Choosing a cemetery plot is a momentous decision. It can affect you and your family for generations to come. Naturally, many factors will weigh into your decision, including those provided here. If you have other questions about choosing a cemetery plot, or would like to discuss pre-planning a funeral, contact us at Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield, Indiana by calling (317) 462-5536. We’ll be honored to assist you.

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