Keepsake Video Makes a Treasured Tribute

Your loved one lived a life of meaningful moments; and at Stillinger Family Funeral Home we can help you keep those memories alive in a keepsake video. This treasured photo tribute is just another service we provide that goes beyond your expectations of what a funeral service provider typically does.

Keepsake Video: Truly Moving Pictures

Photo boards produced by the family are very common enhancements during visitations and funeral services. But it has become increasingly common for families to want their photographic memories assembled in a format that takes advantage of today’s preferred visual media. So while your family photos might first have been simply individual snapshots in time, they come alive as a collection of truly moving pictures when we include them in a keepsake video.

To produce a memorial video of moments and memories, we scan up to 100 photos you provide and load them into a video production program. We then customize the program settings to produce a tribute video that vividly and reverently renders those life moments. While photos in scrapbooks can be difficult to include, we’ll work with your family to make sure we honor and respect your loved one.

When the keepsake video is complete, it can be streamed to video monitors throughout our facility to make sure each visitor can watch and find solace in those captured memories. The keepsake video by Stillinger Family Funeral Home can even be loaded to our website so visitors to your loved one’s tribute page can view it again and again.

Personalized Tributes to Your Loved One

Sometimes it seems like our funeral home becomes a museum in honor of your loved one. That’s because we encourage families to bring in photo boards or displays of items that represent the deceased’s interests and passions. If your loved one collected baseball caps, bring them in for display. If your loved one was a Colts fan, we can accommodate presentations of memorabilia. In fact, whatever was important to your loved one, chances are we can find a special way to incorporate that into room displays and even the service itself.

At Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we want your loved one to be honored in memorable ways. Whether it is a photo display, a collection of items provided by the family, or our keepsake video productions, we work with you to create a moving tribute. To learn more, contact us at (317) 462-5536.

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