Preplanning a Funeral Has Many Surprising Benefits

At Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we know most people dread the thought of having to plan a funeral when a loved one passes away; but we also know that preplanning a funeral has many surprising benefits. The truth is, preplanning a funeral is a wise choice we believe many families would make if only they knew more about it. With that in mind, here are some of the many benefits of preplanning:

Your Service, Your Way

When you preplan a funeral – for yourself or on behalf of a loved one – you can rest assured the service and all related components will be carried out according to your wishes. You’ll be able to choose burial or cremation, as well as the casket or urn you want, along with appropriate memorial products. For a calling and burial, you can pre-select your attire as well as your vault and grave monument. For your memorial service, you can choose the music you want, your favorite scriptures or passages to be read, and the kinds of flowers and decorations and personal tributes to be used.

When you work with one of our funeral preplanning professionals at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, you’ll be able to craft a meaningful service that will help your family remember you the way you want to be remembered.

Less Burden on Your Family

Another way preplanning a funeral helps your family is by taking the burden of planning off their shoulders during their time of grief and mourning. We work hard to make the planning process easier at the time of need, of course, but it still can be a stressful and difficult time to make so many important decisions. And if you haven’t made clear your wishes, your family will probably make choices you would not have made. Typically, the first 24 hours after a passing are when families must process many emotions and the stress of grieving; it is not usually a good time to be faced with important funeral, burial and memorialization decisions.

Potential Cost Savings

When you preplan a funeral, you can also choose to “pre-fund” it. What does this mean? When funeral expenses are pre-paid, some of the final expenses to be incurred at the time of need may be covered at current rates. Typically, these costs are for those services provided directly by the funeral home if the anticipated growth in funds in an established funeral trust covers normal escalation of those costs. For third-party costs – such as services and/or products provided by cemetery personnel, a minister, musicians, newspapers, a hair stylist, police escorts and others – pre-need funding might also cover future “at-need” costs, but these expenses are beyond the scope of any guarantees the funeral home might be able to offer.

Your Stillinger Family Funeral Home preplanning professional can explain pre-need funding options and their limitations. Regardless of the stipulations of your plan, pre-funding your funeral can often help relieve your family of the burden of a significant portion of unexpected expenses during their mourning period.

Peace of Mind

These benefits and more all add up to the biggest benefit of all: peace of mind. When you preplan a funeral, you will know that your wishes will be honored, your family will be able to mourn without distraction, and your final expenses have been taken care of.

To learn more about preplanning a funeral, contact us today at (317) 462-5536. You can also complete the Online Preplanning Form and get additional information by clicking HERE.

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