Funeral Home Event Centers? Why This Makes Perfect Sense.

Funeral home event centers are becoming more commonplace. While this might seem strange at first, the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Let’s explore why funeral home event centers are the perfect alternative for many family and community events and special occasions.


Funeral homes are essential in just about every county and larger community. And because they often serve a large overall population, they tend to be strategically located near the center of that population hub. That makes the funeral home a convenient choice close to home.


Funeral homes often have several gathering spaces of varying sizes, designed to accommodate both smaller and larger groups. It is also common for the spaces to be flexible, with the possibility of closing off portions to make large spaces smaller, and opening up adjoining rooms to enlarge meeting and gathering spaces as necessary.


Funeral homes are usually well equipped with chairs, tables, and kitchen spaces necessary for group gatherings. And of course, funeral homes often have restroom facilities to accommodate larger groups. Many funeral homes also have smaller rooms for private breakout meetings. And these days, many have video technology to showcase in-house presentations or even simulcast with off-site events in other locations.


Funeral home event centers already have professional staff on hand to serve guests. Beyond this, these funeral professionals are skilled and experienced coordinating with other community service providers, including florists, pastors and officiants, and even caterers and event planners.

Personal Attention

Every group that arranges to use an event space expects personal attention to their unique needs. And who better to provide that personal attention than a resident team of funeral professionals? Obviously, it is essential for funeral providers to deliver highly personal services to families in mourning. Tapping into that same commitment to personalization can help event planners and participants achieve their event goals.

At Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield, Indiana, we have a centrally located Hancock County facility that can accommodate groups of various sizes, with modern amenities and a staff committed to personal service. Like other funeral homes around the country, our facility can be considered an event center, and we look forward to discussing your specific needs. Contact us today at (317) 462-5536 to learn more.

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