Pet Cremation Services: A Thoughtful Choice

Pet cremation is a time-honored and thoughtful service available through Stillinger Family Funeral Home. We know how much your pets mean to you, and we understand that when a pet passes away, it is truly like losing a member of your family. That’s why we can arrange for your pet cremation and memorialization in a way that honors your pet and helps you say goodbye.

Of course, you have many options for pet cremation. Here’s what you need to know:

Resting Yorkshire Terrier | Stillinger Family Funeral Home | Greenfield, IndianaThere are various types of pet cremation that may vary from the common understanding of human cremation.

For example, a private cremation is most like that done for humans. A private cremation means your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. After cremation, your pet’s cremated remains are removed from the chamber and returned to you in an urn of your choice.

Individual cremation means that your pet shares space with other deceased pets in the cremation chamber, but is uniquely tagged so the separate cremains can be identified, ensuring you receive only the cremated remains of your pet, in an urn of your choosing.

In a communal cremation, your pet is cremated along with a number of other pets, and the cremated remains are not kept separate. Naturally, with a communal pet cremation, no cremated remains are returned to you. These cremated remains are often scattered on private land by one of our staff members.

With a viewing cremation, family members may view the pet cremation from a viewing room. Because Stillinger Family Funeral Home arranges cremations using outside crematory facilities, please note that not all such facilities offer this option. Your Stillinger Family Funeral Home staff member can provide additional information.

Disposing of Pet Cremation Remains

Once the cremation is done, the cremains can be handled in several ways. Except for communal cremation as noted above, cremains are usually returned to the family in an urn that has been previously chosen. Many families keep the urn in a special place in their home where they can remember and keep their pet close.

Sometimes, families choose to bury the cremains of their pet. Think carefully about this option, as there may be legal restrictions, as well as practical and logistical reasons against burial. For example, if you bury your pet on your legally-owned property but move later, you will need to consider if new restrictions would prohibit re-burial. And if you don’t own your home and property, you would need to obtain permission from the property owner before burying the cremains of your pet.

Scattering the ashes of your pet is also a desired option for many families. For example, it can be meaningful to scatter the ashes of your beloved dog in a field where he once romped and played. However, as with direct burial, there are restrictions to consider. For instance, if scattering ashes on land you do not own, you will need to obtain permission from the property owner. And scattering ashes on public lands is usually prohibited.

Proper Memorialization

Cremation is not only a final act of love but also an important means of closure. That’s one reason why, at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we treat your pet’s remains with dignity and care. You can also choose how to honor and memorialize your pet’s life. Whether it is an informal gathering or an elaborate service – in your home or ours – it is important to conduct some type of ceremony to provide you with closure.

There are many important decisions to be made when it comes to saying goodbye to your beloved pet. At Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we can help you understand your options and make the right choices. To learn more, contact us at (317) 462-5536.

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