What Are Some Common Types of Funeral Flowers?

Common types of funeral flowers include a variety of sizes, types, designs and price ranges. Choosing the right type to send can be daunting, but it helps to understand the basics before speaking with your florist or arranging for funeral flowers through your funeral home. Let’s look at some of the common types of funeral flowers to help you make the right choice:

Memorial Arrangement

A memorial arrangement can take many shapes and sizes, and be arranged with a wide variety of flowers. They can be designed to sit on the floor or on a table top. Naturally, costs may vary widely, but memorial arrangements can be a uniquely personal choice to express your sympathies.

Standing Spray

A standing spray is an upright arrangement usually supported on an easel and often displayed near the casket. Because this type or arrangement literally stands above other varieties, it also just might stand out as a singular expression of your condolences.

Wreath or Cross

Funeral wreaths and crosses are distinctively shaped and can be designed as a special tribute to your loved one. A heart-shaped wreath can be an appropriate and intimate choice when paying tribute to a departed spouse or partner. A cross arrangement might be especially appropriate when conveying faith-based condolences.

Basket Arrangements

Basket arrangements, using fresh, silk, or flowering plants – or a combination of these elements – are an excellent choice for making sure the arrangement can be easily transported without damage. Basket arrangements can also be a good option when it is likely the arrangement will end up in the home of a family member after services are concluded.

Flowering Plant

Flowering plant arrangements can send the message that life goes on, and provide a meaningful and loving reminder of the departed to the family that takes the arrangement home after the services.

Vase Arrangement of Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be an especially beautiful memorial, and they can be created in virtually unlimited designs to express a truly personal tribute to the departed.

Dish Garden or Planter

Like flowering plant arrangements, a dish garden or planter of green plants and blooming flowers can be a continuing loving reminder of the departed.

Casket Spray

A casket spray is a large arrangement draped on the casket, often for a closed-casket memorial or service. Design options are practically endless, and can be as unique as the individual being honored.

Inside Casket Piece

An inside casket piece can be uniquely designed as an intimate arrangement kept nearest the body. An inside casket piece is often chosen and designed to signify and honor special family relationships.

Naturally, there are many common types of funeral flowers. Your local florist can assist you in choosing the right type of arrangement to send. Or you can contact us here at Stillinger Family Funeral Home at (317) 462-5536. We’re always ready to answer your funeral-related questions.

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