Cremation Services from Stillinger Family Funeral Home

At Stillinger Family Funeral Home in Greenfield, Indiana, we offer a variety of cremation services and options designed to meet your family’s personalized wishes and your budget. From the simple dignity of direct cremation with no visitation or farewell service to cremation services that include visitation and ceremonial events, Stillinger Family Funeral Home is ready to serve you with compassionate care and respect.

Direct Cremation Services

When simple cremation services are desired we offer direct cremation. This alternative typically includes basic cremation with few personalized options. Your direct cremation package normally includes the cremation process, the cremation casket or container, a basic urn, and the transfer of the deceased. The ashes are turned over to a designated survivor.

Cremation with Commemoration Services and Other Options

On the other end of the cremation services spectrum is a personalized life commemoration with a set visitation time and planned ceremonial events. In addition to the services noted with direct cremation, this personalized type of cremation service typically includes the direct professional involvement of a Stillinger funeral director and staff members. We prepare the body for viewing prior to cremation, including embalming and preparation services such as cosmetics and dressing. If no public presentation of the body is desired, cremation can be done prior to a public calling, too. Regardless, we assist with any viewing for family and friends in our funeral home or in a church or chapel of the family’s choosing. Such commemoration services typically also include a premium Register Book and Memorial Folders, along with coordination of floral arrangements.

We offer additional commemorative options, too. From beautiful and dignified urns to remembrance jewelry to memorial display containers, we make loving final tributes possible.

Cremation Service Packages to Meet Your Needs

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about funeral or cremation services provided by Stillinger Family Funeral Home is that we work with you to make sure you receive the level of service you want. Regardless of the features you desire, we can usually create special package options for affordable and meaningful cremation services and tributes.

For more information about cremation services and tributes provided by Stillinger Family Funeral Home, contact us today at (317) 462-5536. You can also learn more HERE.

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