The True Value in Funeral Services Provided by a Funeral Director and Funeral Home Staff

When considering the true value in funeral services that a Funeral Director and the supporting funeral home staff provides, it is common to think of individual service items – like preparing the body for viewing, coordinating the memorial service, etc. But at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we believe the true value in funeral services we provide goes deeper and explains why so many families come back to us again and again during their times of loss.

Services at the Time of Need

Indeed, at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, we take great care in providing the services people normally associate with a funeral home. We care for the deceased by picking up the decedent and transporting the body to our funeral home. There, in accordance with family wishes, we prepare the body for presentation, including embalming, dressing, casketing and other services as appropriate.

We also care for the family of the deceased. We meet with the family to learn more about the decedent and any funeral wishes that may have been expressed. We will discuss services available and begin making the necessary arrangements. We also gather biographical information for legal documents, permits, and newspaper announcements and obituaries.

Prior to the public visitation, the Funeral Director will meet with the family again to coordinate service details and discuss pall bearers, seating arrangements, the order of the service, and more.

The Funeral Director performs many other duties behind the scenes as well. These typically include ordering the casket and vault, and arranging for police escorts, flowers, ministers, singers, musicians, obituaries, monument inscriptions, urns and monuments. The Funeral Director will prepare necessary paperwork and provide coordination with appropriate external agencies; and may even be called upon to preside over the funeral and other related services, including graveside committal and military honors.

The True Value in Funeral Services

We believe that most families who choose Stillinger Family Funeral Home recognize the value in these tangible services we provide. But we also believe our true value lies in less tangible, but no less important aspects of our funeral services. For example, we believe there is considerable underlying value in the experience, professionalism and trustworthiness that are the hallmark of our service to families. And we believe that these families find value in the care, compassion and comfort we provide during and after the time of need. There is great value, too, in the guidance and answers we provide, and in the connections to community and support resources we have nurtured over the years on behalf of our families.

So, what’s the true value in funeral services provided by Stillinger Family Funeral Home’s Funeral Director and staff? We believe it goes deeper than the services you see. We believe it goes to the services you feel, too.

To experience the value of our services at Stillinger Family Funeral Home, contact us at (317) 462-5536. We look forward to serving your family when you need us most.

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