Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts or submit a testimonial below. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Angela, thank you for helping us during this difficult time. The church looked beautiful and the service was perfect. Conley Miller Family

Ellen Miller

March 31, 2023

Dear Angela, I just want to thank you for all you did to make our service for Dad just as we (and he would have) wanted it. The day was beautiful and you handled all the details with such grace and kindness. Thank you for helping Mom through the process. It was such a relief to know she was in good hands with you. You have truly been given the right gifts for the job you perform. Thank you again, Julie (Bloodgood) Myers

The Family of Thomas Bloodgood

March 31, 2023

Dear Angela & Jeannine Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciated your service to our family. We all felt great relief knowing things were in your capable hands. Our Family Thanks you! Carole Bloodgood

Carole Bloodgood

March 21, 2023

Jeannine, I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for all you did to make my dad's funeral a special, memorable time. You were a joy to work with and you made a tough time easy to get through...your personality "clicked" with me. I appreciate you and that I didn't worry about anything on that day...you would take care if it! And the "glasses" situation certainly lightened the mood :) Thanks again, Many Blessings, Nancy Borland.

Nancy Borland

March 21, 2023

David, Thank you so much for your generous donation to support the GFT and the firefighters. I appreciate it! Jason Horning

Greenfield Fire Territory

March 21, 2023

David, I just had to drop you a personal note to thank you for everything you did for my dad and his funeral. I had every confidence in you and your 'team' (well, until you put Ruth's glasses on Dad) LOL! It was very comforting knowing that he was with you, and you made the whole process easier, even lighter. The therapy dogs are great, even the pup! Jeannine was a delight to work with and everything was perfect. I trust that when the time comes for Ruth, the experience will be just as easy. Thanks again, Nancy

Nancy Borland

March 21, 2023

Dear David, Thank you so very much! Everything you and your staff, (especially Jeannine and Angela) was great! Bud would have approved. Thank you again, Jack & Betty

Jack & Betty Wesley

March 21, 2023

Thank you so much to David Stillinger, Jeannine and all those at Stillinger Family Funeral Home. You all were wonderful to work with, helping us plan for Dad's funeral and taking such good care of him and us. You were so organized and took care of everything...we didn't have to worry about a thing! I'd like to think you treated us special, but I'm sure you treat everyone like you did us! We love your therapy dogs too!!

Family of Scott Dill

March 14, 2023

Bud was one of my Ag/FFA students at GCHS. I remember one year that Jack competed in "Catch a Calf" at the the Indiana State Fair. But the calf the catch is not the one they get to keep. I druve my truck down East of Bloomington to get the heifer he got to keep. She was as wild as Bud was. I did get her home before she jumped out of truck. Jack was many FFA contests and we had some good times. I will miss you Jack. Joe McCain

Joe McCain

March 01, 2023

Ed's viewing and funeral were beautiful. Thank you all for your guidance and friendliness through the whole process.

Sally Veenheizen

September 16, 2022

Ashley, Thank you so much for helping to plan the service for Matt Cook. You were so helpful with our decisions and understanding our needs. Keep up the good work! Don & Cheryl

Don & Cheryl Cook

May 25, 2022

Dear Stillingers, As a member of St. Michael, I would like to thank you for providing the mover for the Monument of the Unborn. I was fortunate enough to help Kaleigh work on the garden and am very appreciative. It pulls the Garden together. Sincerely, Katrina Royster

Katrina Royster

January 18, 2022

We would like to you for the generous donation at our community day. The donation is very much appreciated and will be put to good use.

Green Township Volunteer Fire Department

August 23, 2021

Thank you so much for the beautiful memorial book. It brought me so much comfort.

Tina Gruell

June 17, 2021

On behalf of the family of Tonya K. Slichenmyer, I would like to thank Jeannine, Angela and all of the staff at Stillinger's for their thoughtful care given to Tonya and our family through our most difficult time. The kindness and loving guidance afforded us exceeded all our expectations and helped us to navigate this darkest of roads that we still travel to this day. God Bless you and the work you do for all that enter your door.

Randall W. Slichenmyer

June 16, 2021

Thank you all for taking such good care of our dad. With love, Brandy Peterson, Tia Davis, Justin Davis and Jackie Hankins

Family of Jerry L. Davis

June 02, 2021

Your kindness is appreciated. Dan, Karen, Julie, Bruce, Doug and Tina

The Family of Rev. William Beauchat

March 19, 2021

Our family received the lovely book "Come Unto Me" with it's many inspiring messages. We value your good work on behalf of not only our family, but the community. This book is a reminder of your thoughtfulness. Sincerely, Barbara Hembree

Barbara Hembree

January 08, 2021

I would like to express my sincere thankfulness to you for easing my grief during my time of need.

Mary Crank

January 04, 2021

Knowing people nice as you gives life a much brighter touch, and so, to each and all of you, Thanks very, very much! The Clemens Family

Wanda Clemens

October 12, 2020

Thank you for your compassion and helping us with Moms funeral. We appreciate everything you did. Trudy, Denise and Douglas.

The Beaty Family

September 22, 2020

Angela and Jeannine I along wit Ed's family and friends want to thank you so much for taking care of my husband Ed, helping us with the final arrangements and for the service both at the funeral home and cemetery. Thank you for your compassion to serving others during this very difficult time. Much love to you both for your service and dedication. The Drinkard Family

Pamela Drinkard and Family

September 22, 2020

I don't remember very much, but what I do remember is how nice it was and so much more beautiful it was than expected. You are all so very sweet and I love you all.

Pearl R.

July 13, 2020

I want to thank you for live streaming the service for Leonard Haines. Betsy and I have been friends our entire lives, and I was not able to travel from my home in Tennessee to be there for the service. Thanks also to Nick who answered my questions via phone just before the service and helped mt "be there". Your streaming was a real blessing. Thank you so much. Karen

Karen D.

July 13, 2020

We were very pleased with our services. Although it was not a normal situation you all made it very comfortable. Given the unusual circumstances, everything was calm, peaceful and as traditional as possible. Jeannine was readily available for our questions by phone and she is very personable.

Marvin R.

July 13, 2020

Thank you for your kind and generous donation. Donors like you are the reason we are able to continue our mission of helping those in need. With the challenges we've been facing we are more than grateful to the community for their support. Thanks again, Julie S. Board member

Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen

July 10, 2020

I just wanted to thank Anna and the staff at Stillinger Family Funeral home for doing something so special for the family of Earl Stephens that couldn’t be there during travel restrictions and certain limits due to the covid 19 pandemic. She took the time to print out so so many cards with little notes that many of our family members wanted to share with my aunt and her family hoping to bring a little lite to such a sad time in their lives when we couldn’t be there with them. Each card was tied to a biodegradable balloon that represented the family that couldn’t be there and were called Hugs from Home.These balloons could be released in memory of my uncle after his services and the cards could be kept by my aunt to have for keeps. Even during an awful time in the world today the Stillinger family still made it possible for the ones that couldn’t be there to be able to send some love to my aunt and her family. Thanks again Anna and Stillinger Family Funeral Home. Lots of love, Amanda Smith niece of Earl and Jackie Stephens

Amanda Smith

May 15, 2020

Dear David and Jeannine, Thanks so much for the lovely book. I have enjoyed reading it! I can't say enough about the wonderful treatment we had when we laid Tom to rest. The entire staff was exceptional!

Carol Morris & Family

May 14, 2020

Thanks to the Stillinger family. The first responders really appreciate the "Goody Bags". We appreciate you guys thinking of us in these uncertain times. Stay Safe!

Greenfield Fire Department

May 13, 2020

Stillinger Family Team. Can't thank you all enough for everything you did for us. Your attention to detail was excellent. You provided a calm and peaceful experience for all. Marvin was extremely grateful for the viewing. You have adapted to the COVID environment very well and we appreciate it. Fondly, Marvin and Mary Jane PS. Jeannine is a jewel

Marvin & Mary Jane Raper

May 01, 2020

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your caring and compassionate treatment of me and my family in our loss of Tom. I know you were hampered in what you could and could not do, but you made the best of the situation! I thought Tom looked wonderful! You have beautiful facilities and one day soon I will be out to make my own arrangements. Thank you Again Josh, you're the best.

Carol Morris

April 08, 2020

We wanted to say thank you for you support of the Greenfield Fire Territory Annual Awards Banquet. This event would not be possible without your generous donation. We certainly appreciate our local businesses partnership in honoring local firefighter / paramedics. Sincerely, The firefighters of the City of Greenfield Fire Territory

Greenfield Fire Territory

March 06, 2020

I spoke with you on the phone today. I want to express my sincerest thanks for your willingness to accept my funeral investment trust from Erlewein. This was such a terrible and and deceitful way to prepay my funeral. You were kind enough to change the investment to a low volatility / tax free fund. The least I can do is support you in your bid for Coroner. I have had an excellent relationship with Stillinger Family Funeral Home. Best Wishes to you. Sincerely, Richard Moore

Richard Moore

March 05, 2020

Thanks again for a wonderful farewell for our Mother, Dorothy. It was well done from start to finish.

Colonel Jim Orahood

October 30, 2019

Very Satisfied! The whole staff was outstanding!

Daniel Dick & Family

October 04, 2019

The staff was very nice. Mom's appearance was ABOVE expectations.

Rex Ellis

They treated us like family. Everyone was great. Josh made sure we understood everything and were comfortable with everything.

Angie Melton

They went above and beyond! An amazing group of people!

Amanda Smith

When they came to pick up Mom they gave me a rose. Nick and Peyton were very professional, kind, sweet and respectful.

Shannon Henderson

Hi David, Thank you for coming by with gifts for our Hancock Chaplains! I'm glad you knocked. Your visit re-enforced my belief that we work best as we work together caring for the people of our community. All the best to you, your family, and your professional staff at Stillinger Family Funeral Home and Hancock County Coroner's Office. Chaplain Russ Jarvis, Hancock Health

Chaplain Russ Jarvis

Josh, Thank you so much for your kindness. I will never forget how you made this so much easier for me to go through. Doris Holmes

Doris Holmes

Jeannine was a help and made things go better for us just by being the loving person she is. Your staff id a good bunch of people.

The Irma Bliss Family

Josh and Jeannine; Both of you were professional and compassionate. Everything went so smooth and it was exceptional. Thank you for the extra care you gave my daughter, I appreciate the words and actions.

Barb Shetler

Thank you so much for everything you did to make Mom's passing as easy as possible. From picking her up to the end of the service you guys were GREAT. Thank you for your kindness.

George Tongate & Family

We can't thank you all enough for everything you did for us. Your attention to detail was excellent. You provided a calm and peaceful experience for all. Marvin was extremely grateful for the viewing. You have adapted to our COVID-19 environment very well and we appreciate it.

Marvin & Mary Jane

I want to thank you for live streaming the service for Leonard Haines. Betsy and I have been friends our entire lives, and I was not able to travel from my home in Tennessee to be there for the service. Thanks, also to Nick, who answered my questions via phone just before the service and helped me "be there." Your streaming was a real blessing. Thank you so much. Karen Doughty

Karen Doughty

Thank you isn’t enough for all you have done in helping us make arrangements for my brother. You went above and beyond and made a very difficult situation easier. A very special thank you for the very special vault cover for my brother—it was beautiful. My brother would have loved that. You guys rock! Thank you.

Ryan & Mary Davis

We recently took a drive to Greenfield Park Cemetery to see if our headstone was finished. It looks just perfect! Thank you so much for all of your help! You went out of your way to take care of this from the first call to you.

Ron & Shelly Stuck

Thank you for remembering Linda. Thank you for your help and kindness. Jeannine and Angela are like family. Thank you so much. Joe

Joe Compton

David~ Thank you on behalf of Salli Williams' family for your generous assistance. Your entire staff is professional and sincere. Sincerely, Dave and Janice

Dave and Janice Pasco

Jeannine ~ Thank you on behalf of Salli Williams' family for your assistance. You're a sincere professional and friend. Stillinger Family Funeral Home is very fortunate to have you on their team. Dave and Janice

Dave & Janice Pasco

Angela ~ Thank you on behalf of Salli Williams'; family for your efficient, thorough assistance in planning the services. Your were professional, patient, and sincere in all the steps. Stillinger Family Funeral Home is very fortunate to have you on their team. Sincerely, Dave and Janice

Pasco family

Thanks from Mary Whitakers family for the Healing Heart book. It helps.

Marvin Whitaker

I wanted to take a moment to express a very heartfelt "Thank You" to you and your staff during the loss of our mom, Lillie Crisp. From meeting you, everything seemed a little less daunting. You were kind, helpful, and informative from the beginning. Even though we were from out of state you chose to help us in a very dignified and professional way. Please know that your kindness will stay forever within our hearts and we are truly grateful for everything you and your staff have done to help our family through this difficult time.

Janet L. Crisp

Thank you. Your kind hearts made such a difference. The world is truly a better place with nice people like you in it. Both of you made a very difficult time for me easier with caring and help. The pictures and cards with the roses were beautiful.

Ruby Williams

I would like to thank the Staff of Stillinger Family Funeral Home. You took excellent care of my Mom, Rosalie Sisson. The kindness of the staff helped at this time when it was most needed.

Brenda Revolt & Family

I want to tell you and the staff thank you for taking care of our Dad Jim Franklin. My family really liked how Dad looked. He looked like our Dad at peace. You all very so kind and caring to our family. Thank you again. May God richly bless you all.

Les and Jean Franklin

Thank you so much for all your help and expertise following my tragic house fire. The image of you using one of my rescued spatulas trying to find my Michael was extraordinary and in 90 degree heat was above and beyond. We, as a family witnessed your dedication and determination to find some of his ashes. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring. Thank you for the homemade cross. It still brings tears to my eyes.

Sharon Bronnenberg

Kirby's death has left a large void in my life but the kindness of you and others has made the loss bearable.

Genevieve Kirby

You took a scary, sad, emotional, helpless, brutal situation and came to our rescue! We can't thank you enough for your kindness, thoughtfulness and genuine concern for our entire family and Bailey's body. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for walking us through these past days and turning them into memories of Bailey, and celebrating a short life well lived. You all are the best!

Tom, Angie, Josie & Marissa McGraw / Scott Hunsberger & Nancy Gay

I am so grateful for the "Healing Heart" book sent to me in memory of my husband, Donald L. Davis.


Thank you for your care and compassion in working to recover the remains of Michael Bronnenberg. The impact of your efforts have made a huge impact on my sister's recovery, and have left a humbling mark on all of the family. We are sincerely grateful.

Neill McKinstray

Special thanks to Dylan, Nick, and Alex for your special care of our wife and mother (Mary Parks). You made everything perfect. You have my family's gratitude, truly.

Barb Wise

Thank you for working with our mother and myself years before the day of her funeral as well as most recent with her death. We as a family couldn't have done it as painlessly and as peacefully without your love and support. We were all well pleased with everything you did to make her memory a lasting impact in our lives. Therefore, we will always be most grateful and thankful for the services you provided for us.

Leah and Family

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gesture to have a tree seedling planted in memory of our Mom, Colleen. It's a beautiful tribute and we really appreciate it!

Mike, Peggy, Kathleen, Annie and Molly

Our entire family wishes to express our sincere appreciation for your very comforting, compassionate and professional services during this past week, as we said our goodbyes to our beloved John. We are so grateful that he chose your special team to care for our family. John made a fine decision for himself and our family by choosing Stillinger Family Funeral Home! A special thank you to the two young men, Alex & Nick for coming Franklin so quickly to get John. They were so warm and professional. We loved the warm comforter and American Flag they placed on John. We all wish you the very best, and may god guide and bless you in your special work.

The Family of John Strauser

You mean so much, not only for being the warm hearted people you are, but also for the generous ways your share your time and talents with others. Thank you for all that your wonderful group has done for our family.

The Evans & Gearey Families

Thank you all so much for the amazing service you provided for my dad (Charles Flora). Every single one of your employees was amazing during our difficult time. Words do not express gratitude. You all were awesome, again thank you.

Charlies (Charlie) Fora Katy

I wanted to express to you my sincere thanks for all your help with my mom's services. The Visitation and Service were beautiful. I will be forever grateful for all you did!

Kathy House

The staff was so supportive and understanding. Their consideration and compassion of our needs was over the top. My husband was a veteran and their attention to detail on that aspect was superior.

Kathryn Wesner

I couldn't speak any higher of the whole entire staff, they were wonderful to work with!" We were allowed to plan the service our way. Everything was very well planned. We sincerely want to thank David and Jeannine for everything they did.

Barbara Kauchak

The staff made our process easy. Their attention to every detail was amazing. They made us feel comfortable and cared for us like they were our good friends. Everything was above and beyond my expectations. Everyone was so supportive and kind as if it was one of their own family members they were preparing for.

Jeannine Wright

Thank you so much for the remembrance books. Our grandkids and great grandkids will be able to look back and remember daddy and mom.

Beatrice Sandefur

To everyone at Stillingers, your special ways and generous hearts made such a beautiful difference. Thank you so much!

Tanya Jones

Thank you for everything you did to make our mom's funeral perfect, and for your staff's many kindnesses. You made us feel like we were your only customer and that our comfort was your personal goal. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thank you so much.

Dennis Whitaker

Thank you for caring for my mother Nancy Fraley after her death. I am very grateful for your kindness to our family.

Debbie Gilliam

Thank you for all you did to make our trying time bearable. We would like you to know you did an awesome job. Thank you so much.

The Tongate Family

On behalf of all our family I would like to give you our heartfelt thanks for everything you did during the recent passing of my husband, Jim. Everything from making arrangements, to the viewing and the funeral itself was very well done with so many nice extra touches. It made this difficult time more bearable and all the family felt very comforted. Thank you again for all the professionalism and compassion displayed by every member of your staff.

Nancy Pressner & Family

Please accept a most heartfelt thanks for your support during yet another veterans fundraiser. I am always personally grateful to you for your support and consideration for veterans.

Bill Etherton

There is nothing more you could have done to make it better. David & Jeannine are the best ever. I love you all. Thank you for being by my side at the most difficult time of my life. David, Jeannine are the most caring and sensitive people.

Linda Evans

The staff seemed to know what I was feeling and helped me feel comfortable and guide me through the planning with ease and lessened the confusion and stress of the loss of my husband. They were so thoughtful and used such care at a time when I really needed it. We have used this funeral home since 1973 with the passing of my grandfather and I could not imagine going anywhere else.

Char Smith

Everything was perfect and beyond my expectations!

Jennie Thomas

Our family has and will always continue to use Stillinger Family Funeral Home. They treated us like family the entire time. We had some unpleasantness with the Ohio Cemetery, but your staff took over and resolved all the issues. They were there for us through the entire process.

Jennifer Garmene-Bopp

I was very pleased. The large portrait of my father was very nice touch as was the printed Floral Tributes.

Stephen Oldham

Everything was so respectful for my husband who was a veteran. They helped me honor him and his service in Vietnam. Jeannine was so wonderful and compassionate.

Sharon B.

Our family wants to extend our thanks to all of you for helping us plan a beautiful funeral for our loved one. During such an overwhelming time your group guided us through so kindly and gently. We so appreciate all of the little details that we may have missed in our grief. Thanks for all of your wonderful help and support.

The Family of Ruth R.

Thank you for the D.A.R.E T-shirts. The whole 5th grade got to sign the shirts. There were a lot of D.A.R.E. lessons like don't smoke or take drugs and so many more. At the D.A.R.E. picnic we lost the tug-of-war but put up a good fight.

Nathaniel D, St. Michael's Catholic School

Thank you David and April so much for supporting our ministry! We are incredibly thankful for your generous donation. It is because of donors like you that we get to save lives and bless the women + families in our community. Thank you for attending our banquet and learning more about our ministry. We were so glad to have you there. I look forward to building more of a partnership between Life Choices Care Center and both of you! God is going to do great things! May god bless you both!

Jillian Jarrett

Dear Foster, Thank you so much for helping during our funeral for Matt Cook. You were warm, loving & attentive. Who's a good boy? You are sweetie.

Donny & Cheryl Cook

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