Remembering Butler

Butler Stillinger, Golden Retriever, age 11 passed away peacefully with his family at his side.  Best known as the beloved grief therapy dog at Stillinger Family Funeral Home. He was born Butler’s Curtain Call on September 8, 2008 in Findley, Ohio to Sire; Woodwalks Big Iron Ax and Dam; Curtain Call Lexie.

Butler joined the staff of Stillinger Family Funeral Home at just 3 months old.  His name was chosen long before Butler became a part of the Stillinger family.  The old English butler served families, which is what he did.  Butler served so well, we fondly referred to him as our Vice President of Grief Therapy.  He even had his own business cards and had an article published about him in the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association trade magazine several years ago.

Although he trained for months to attain his certifications, he was a natural at comforting families.  We fondly recall the first family he served, Butler walked right up to the grieving mother, laid his head in her lap and stayed by her side the entire time.  It was commonplace for him to walk into a room full of people and go directly to the individual that needed him most.   It was not unusual to find him snuggled up at the feet of a family member during the funeral arrangement conference.

Children and adults alike loved Butler and many people would even stop by just to pay him a visit.  Butler would lay on the foyer floor and children would pile on for a snuggle.  Not sure who loved it more, Butler or the kids!  Every time the door chimed Butler was there to greet the visitor.  When time allowed, he loved to nap in the sunshine or play fetch with a tennis ball in the foyer.  Our FedEx driver would always have a treat in his pocket for Butler.  He knew instinctively the difference between the UPS truck and FedEx.  He wouldn’t move a muscle for UPS but would jump up to wait for FedEx the minute he heard the truck pull onto the parking lot.

Butler will be missed by many, especially his family; David and April Stillinger, Josh, Britney, Jordan, Gavin; his brothers, Harley, Harper and Baxter and his associates at the funeral home.

Memorial contributions in honor of Butler may be sent to the Hancock County Humane Society, 214 East Main Street, Greenfield, Indiana 46140.

Please share your memories of Butler at www.stillingerfamily.com.

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